A few things before you get started:

1. Your initial buy should be a small amount to ensure you have followed these instructions correctly and things are working as they are intended.

2. Remember that holding your cardano on an Exchange defeats the main utility and value of this technology. Our aim is to have full control over our cardano through its decentralized network. If you decide to hold it on an exchange (a centralized entity), you are subjecting yourself and your cardano to the rules and actions made by the exchange. Most importantly, you are depending on that exchange to securely hold your cardano. Do this at your own risk. Our suggestion: hold all of your cardano on a personal wallet. For example: ledger nano s/x, trezor wallet, daedalus...

3. These steps may seem difficult and you may be intimidated. Remember, like all things, there will be a minor learning curve but this is natural and great. All it takes is for you to try. If you are on the other side of this spectrum and get these things done with ease, congratulations. Most importantly, WELCOME TO CARDANO!

Step ONE:

Let us begin with creating an account on NDAX. This is a Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange and currently the easiest and most convenient way to buy Cardano - along with several other cryptocurrencies. The link to their website is located below. Clicking it will open a new window.

Photo: NDAX Homepage Photo

Enter your information, accept the terms, click sign up.

**You will need to then go to the email that you used to sign up with NDAX. There you will find an email with a verification link that you will need to click BEFORE TRYING TO LOG IN.**

Step TWO:

You will now be able to login to your NDAX account. Refer to the link provided above to go to their homepage to login. Once logged in, we will need to VERIFY our account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see "Get Verified" in a green box. Refer to the image below for reference if you have a hard time finding it.


Get Verified Image 

You will now need to enter your personal information and follow the on-screen instructions. 

*Please note that at this step you will need to upload a picture of your ID along with a selfie. The selfie is quite easy and convenient to upload. Make sure you have your smartphone handy. Once this is completed, you have to wait until your ID is verified which may take up to two business days.


Once your account has been verified, you will be able to fund your account. You may fund it using interac e-transfers, bank wires, or bank drafts. I suggest a small interac e-transfer to begin with. You may now use your funds to buy cardano. Simply go to "trade" on your NDAX dashboard.